HyperFilter: how it works?

HyperFilter is an innovative service, created by HyperGrid in order to protect the PCs of its users during all operations online.

In fact, it automatically prevents access to Internet resources whose contents are considered inappropriate or harmful, thus limiting the risk that you may come in contact with various types of malicious software.


The principle of operation is very simple: when a PC is surfing the net, before connecting to the desired resource (e.g.: www.hypergrid.it ), it must first utilize a specific service, called DNS, which supplies the IP address needed to locate the requested site. With a simple configuration of the PC, to be performed only once, the user will invoke the HyperFilter DNS service, which will restrict any access to online resources considered harmful.

When compared to other products, that pretend to provide the same features, the greatest strength of HyperFilter lies in the fact that its protection is not limited to Web browsing, but is extended to any operation that you can perform online. For example, in case you are the victim of a phishing email, HyperFilter is able to deny the access to the online code that is aiming to capture your sensitive information, thus defeating the attack received.

In conclusion, HyperFilter is a versatile and innovative security service able to protect your work online.


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