Select the type of SSL Certificate

Select the type of SSL Certificate that best fits your needs.
You can find more information by clicking on the corresponding logo.

With every product technical support by phone (Contact Us)
or email(helpdesk@hypergrid.it) is included in the price.

     Certification Body Certificate Name Price
logoPositiveSSL17.99 €
(VAT excluded)
logoAlphaSSL 36.00 €
(VAT excluded)
logoInstantSSL49.00 €
(VAT excluded)
logoInstantSSL Pro89.00 €
(VAT excluded)
logoEV SSL189.00 €
(VAT excluded)
logoAlphaSSL Wildcard122.00 €
(VAT excluded)


Before continuing, you must have generated a CSR (Certificate Signing Request).
For more information, please visit one of the following links:

RapidSSL - Generating a CSR
GeoTrust - Generare un CSR
Thawte - Generating a CSR
AlphaSSL - Generating a CSR

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